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Learn more about live games and find out about the best live casinos.

Improvements in technology has made it possible for players to experience real, live dealer gambling on many different platforms. Lives casinos are gaining in popularity amongst players, replacing the more traditional virtual and flash based games.

live dealer casinos

Below you will find our pick of online casinos that offer live games.

More about live casinos

Live dealer software got introduced to the online gambling world by Playtech in 2003. At first the new type of gambling experience wasn’t very popular, as many players did not have a fast-enough internet speed to relay video feeds in real time. Eventually, live gambling started to take off when most Dial-Up got replaced with Broadband connections.

How do live casinos work?

The main suppliers of live casino feeds at the moment are Playtech, CC gaming, Evolution Gaming and Vuetec. What is special about Vuetec is that they stream live from brick and mortar casinos, including Fitzwilliam’s Casino and Card Club in Dublin.

Vuetec records the player action with the use of cutting edge cameras, this in turn is streamed live via the websites server to the players online. Players only need to login into the website and initially download a media player in order to view the broadcasted tables. The technology is so cutting edge that there is a delay of less than a second between the act of the dealer ‘as live’ and the video being played on a player’s computer.

In turn the actions of the player are recorded via the interface on the player’s personal computer or mobile device. The computer sends back the data to the casinos server which sends the information to the Croupier

Live casino games available

Popular games that are offered live are blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Another well liked game is Casino Hold’em – the ‘verses the house’ version of the world’s most popular poker variant, it is also possible that you will find tables for 3 card poker.

Some casinos stream Live games from real casinos via a video link but most use special studios. The live dealer deals the cards from a pack and moves them over a screen that reads the cards. The computer then deals the cards out to the player. In this way, the computer can keep track and calculate who won or lost, and how much is won or lost.

Since the origin of casinos players have been trying to beat them. With live casino, there is no exception players are drawn to the concept because they feel they can use methods like card counting. However, casinos try to battle this advantage by frequently changing the dealing show and dealing ‘burnt’ cards.

User interface

It is possible that you will need to get used to the player interface, since you are using real cards and play along other players. But most of the action are the same compared to the flash based games. You can pick your bets and actions as usual, and virtual chips will show on the display on the table. The dealer will receive this info over a screen and will act accordingly.

Another great advantage of live gambling is that with most casinos you are able to chat with the dealer and the other players during the games.

A requirement of playing live is that you possess a dedicated internet connection. Casino put in place rules for the unlikely event of losing your internet connection during the game. For example, if you lose the connection during a hand in blackjack and do not manage to reconnect in time, you are considered to have stood and the hand is played out accordingly.