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South Park Slot Machine

Those lovable little guys are back! The South Park crew and their string of irreverent humour are now the face of our latest slot machine release. If you’re a fan of the long-running animated television show from Comedy Central, then you’ll love this slot machine filled with loving images of your favourite characters as they lead you to earn more free spins and awesome bonuses from your desktop, mobile, or Ipad.
Short Game Explanation
South Park slot machine was built with your favourite characters in mind offering players a wide array of bonuses including multiple wilds and opportunities to obtain more and more spins.
Looking for wilds? You’ll have several opportunities to unlock them during the Kyle Bonus Spins and even more during the Cartman’s Mini Feature which allows you to access the one and only Beefcake Wild!

Yes, bonus spins! We have them and so can you when unlocking Kyle’s Bonus Spins with some American Football moves. The Stan bonus spins mode is equally fun to come across but all we have to say is that there is vomit involved but you’ll love the payout.

Hey, and where’s Kenny? Find him and do your best to guide him around what seems to be a treacherous war zone or as we call it, the Kenny Bonus Game. If he reaches the end, you’ll reel in the 1,250,000 coin jackpot.

Game overview

Game provider NetEnt
Slot type Video Slot
Jackpot amount 1,250,000 coins
Slot reels / paylines 5 Reels / 25 Paylines
House edge 3.3%
Slot volatility Medium
Coins range 0.01 - 0.50
Min/Max bet 0.25 / 125
Free spins 10 Free Spins / up to 10x Multiplier
Bonus rounds Many, many, many… oh so many…

In Game Bonus Features


Ok, so wilds. There are plenty of them starting with the Kyle Bonus Spins that will give you access to 10 free spins during the free spins mode. You’ll have to inflict some pain here, there’s mainly kicking involved but it’s all for the greater good, mainly free spins.
Normal Wild: To kick it off we start with the normal wild which simply has a blue ‘Wild’ written on it, I imagine them having done this to make it stand out from the other chaotic symbols.

Beefcake Wilds

Beefcake! This may be your favorite wild and it only appears during the Cartman Mini Feature.
Cartman screams beefcake, and a massive wild symbol covers reel 2, 3 and 4 spinning the reel once. You can in theory get all three reels covered, but the change is small and most of the time you will get the top two rows. However, this still leads to huge wins, around 30-40x your bet.
Terrance and Philip Wild: The randomly triggered Canadian pair flies across your screen in a cloud of farts and randomly places three wild symbols on reel 2, 3 or 4.
Mr Hankey Wild: Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo which is also a randomly triggered figure will, with a song and jolly dance, substitute three symbols to wild on reel 1, 3 or 5. This wild comes often but will not give you big wins.

Bonus Spins and Games

Kyle Bonus Spins

Then there’s Kyle and he will grant 10 or more free spins and even more during the Free Spins mode. Unlock the Ike Wild where he’ll have to kick Ike in order to unlock 3 free spins plus a multiplier of up to 10 or a coin win. Oh, and there’s baby kicking involved as well.

Stan Bonus Spins

Oh, it’s Stan and Wendy. The objective here is for Stan to puke on Wendy in order to access the Sticky Wilds. The Sticky Wilds will “stick” on the reels during 2 re-spins; during this period there’s the possibility of earning lots more bonuses as long as the bonus session stays active.

Cartman Bonus Game

The beloved Cartman character is exactly as lovable as you’d expect him to be so there is no surprise when his prime objective is to find the hidden hippies by spraying the bushes. Find a hippie and win a coin; collect two and multiply your winnings. However, avoid Officer Barbrady, as spraying him will end the bonus round.

Kenny Bonus Game

Kenny is you. You want a bonus, help him cross the street without killing him as he moves through different zones. Get him there and win coins; the Multiplier Zone has several multipliers to be unlocked followed by the Danger Zone that may just lead to the end. If he survives until the end players can earn a huge jackpot win! Yay! (though don’t count on Kenny making it out alive)

Closing Thoughts

Fans of South Park will feel right at home with the familiar tunes and dirty humour this slot offers. However, serious bettors should not turn away from this gem either; despite the less-than-sensitive nature of the theme, his slot is loaded with features and chances of making your wallet fatter than Cartman. Add to that a generous payout rate and amazing production values and you could quickly find yourself making this quiet mountain town your home for much longer than expected. And besides, even if the toilet humour is a bit dirty, it will only make it easier to say F*** YEAH at at a big win!